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Monday, June 06, 2005

This month's calendar-

Includes starting back to school, tonight and every Monday through Thursday night until the end of July. Organizational Behavior and Financial Management. Both classes are with instructors I've had in the past, so there shouldn't be any big surprises. Just lots of hours of class and plenty of homework on the weekends.

One weekend though, I'm going to Ohio for my brother Mark's induction service as pastor of the church where he has been chosen to serve. The whole family's going to be there, Dad, Mom and all the siblings, the first time since June of 1998. So, I'll be leaving on Friday the 16th, meeting brother Tim at the airport to share a rental car and returning to Utah on Monday the 20th.

So I'm excited about going to Ohio for a couple days and seeing family. XSU, if you see this, I'll forward the invite to you if you would like to see it or if you could be in town that weekend. I'm less excited about getting back into the classroom.

Hopefully the work won't be so terrible that I can't figure a way into taking the BSU camping sometime this month too. If the weather ever settles...

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